| How a rarely seen alignment aid ignited Tony Finau’s Ping putter

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“Prior to departing the mainland for some downtime on O’ahu with his ohana, Finau made a quick trip to Ping’s headquarters to work with Serrano on a new putter.

The putter testing session was put in motion after Finau received a new Garsen grip with his foundation’s logo and colors (green) at the Houston Open. Instead of simply asking Ping’s Tour team to replace his current Garsen grip with the fresh handle, Finau requested that Serrano build him a new putter with the grip to see how it stacked up against his gamer.

“Tony is really particular about his putter, and that one’s been working for him,” Serrano said. “He didn’t want to change any variables. So we built him an identical putter for him to test that had the new grip.”

When Finau arrived in Phoenix, he headed straight for Ping’s indoor putting lab to make sure the numbers checked out. From there, he moved outdoors to the practice green to make sure the indoor session wasn’t an anomaly.

“We probably spent about two hours working on the putter,” Serrano said. “When we went outdoors, he was working on everything — long putts, short putts, breaking putts. It was important for him to know the new putter was doing everything the same.”

Everything checked out, but something was amiss with the sound at impact.

It’s important to point out how significant 2.5 degrees of loft is for Finau, who has continued to get his hands in a more neutral position — thus eliminating a pronounced forward press — in recent years. (To put the loft into perspective, Finau was at 5 degrees at one point when he was using a Piretti.) “

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