The interesting science behind the putter grip that just won two tour events

Garsen grips featured on after an exiting weekend with two more tour wins!


”I’ve always found it funny that that golfers have exactly one connection to the club that we’re swinging: Through the grip. Yet for as important as our grips are to our overall golfing well-being, we don’t talk about it as much as we should.

Nevertheless, grip technology is pushing forward whether you’re paying attention or not. The innovations are most apparent on the putting greens, where companies don’t just change textures and weights, but have more liberty in altering the shape of your putter grip. One of the newest names on the forefront of this is Garsen Grips, which last week was just used by two tour winners: Brooke Henderson at the the Amundi Evian Championshipand Tony Finau at the 3M Open. Henderson used a non-taper Quad version, while Finau has used the “Ultimate” version.”