The Hackers Paradise: Quad Tour and Max Review

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"Garsen Golf was established with the idea that the putter grip should complement the players stroke rather than trying to force a square peg into a round hole. It is because of this, that the company has continually worked to design multiple outside the box options for golfers to find that comfort. To get a closer look at that aspect, THP was able to get both their QUAD Tour and MAX grips in hand and see how they have worked to accomplish their goals. 


Quick Take

The QUAD Tour and MAX grips are two entirely different shapes from each other, as well as from every other putter grip shape on the planet. Best yet? Despite the unique design shapes, they feel extremely natural in hand and give a shockingly good ability to get the putter face back to square. It is of little surprise we are seeing more putter manufacturers offer Garsen grips as an option. 

Garsen QUAD Tour

Though many who have been familiar with Garsen Golf since they came onto the scene associate the name with a putter grip that has the two-sided front section of the MAX and EDGE, the company also understands that golfers are creatures of habit. What I mean is that “tradition” in putter grips has been a flat front paddle section where the thumbs rest, and when people are brought up in the game with one thing, it often becomes difficult to get them to try something new thing. 

With the Garsen QUAD Tour, the idea is “Tradition that Fits”, meaning taking something familiar to most golfers on top where the eyes and thumbs recognize comfort and safety, but beyond that creating a shape which frees up the body to allow more consistency. Using a parallelogram shaping, the shape aims to get the users elbows more “in” towards their core and keep the shoulders set back rather than hunched over. This is to engage the big muscles and a one-piece putting stroke as opposed to a handsy and variable filled one. 

This one shocked me. I knew I would enjoy the MAX because I’d played the EDGE in the past and believe in that shaping for what it does physiologically. I never expected a totally different and unique shaping to accomplish the exact same thing in my putting stroke. The biggest surprise for me was the flat bottom of the grip, I thought it would be inherently awkward, but instead it really helped get the grip into the palms a little more and thus stabilize things. The company claimed benefits of the EDGE and MAX but a more traditional “feeling” grip in hand, to which I admittedly scoffed internally, but they were spot on with the description and I will happily eat my crow now."

Read the entire review HERE.