"I have had a SuperStroke putter grip on my putter for a long time. I’ve also noticed many tour Pro’s using them on T.V., so when I heard about a putter grip that could be much better, I knew I had to try it.

First, a few things about these innovative putter grips from the company. They use a square grip with a 45% rotation, the front of the grip now becomes an angles area which makes for a much better fit and a biomechanically efficient position for the putting stroke.

I took the Garsen Golf Quad Tour grip to my club and had the pro put it on. It felt a bit different, but definitely a better fit than the other grip that had been on. I could immediately feel the difference so off to the putting practice area. I spent about 30 minutes on the practice area and was loving the grip and feel. It was much more stable in my hands. I felt like my hands were softer/relaxed and I was rolling the golf ball with more consistency. Time to take it on the golf course where it counts.

I was feeling very confident with my new Garsen Golf Quad Tour grip, and I did my usual 2 putt on the first 2 greens, then on 3 I one putted for birdie! I ended up one putting 5 greens on day one. Over the next few weeks, I noticed my scores were better so I started reviewing my rounds; it was my putting that has been improving by 2-4 putts per round."