Plugged In Golf Review: Ultimate, Max, and Quad Tour

Read the entire Plugged In Golf Review of ULTIMATE, MAX, and QUAD TOUR: HERE.

"Much has been made of innovations in putter designs.  But that’s not the only part of the “flat stick” that has evolved in recent years.  Putter shafts and grips are now both parts of the equation for golfers looking to find more consistency on the greens.  Garsen putter grips aim to make it easier to take the hands out of the stroke and make a simple straight-back-and-through motion.

For this review, we tested three models: the MAX, the Ultimate, and the Quad Tour.


Garsen Quad Tour Putter Grip

The Garsen Quad Tour putter grip has the most jarring look of this group, in my opinion.  As you can see above, this grip has a trapezoidal shape that’s miles from traditional grips.  Despite the odd look, Dylan and I both felt that it was easy to transition to the Quad Tour from a standard pistol grip.  In fact, Dylan felt the Quad Tour was “a good marriage of what I am used to and what I am looking for” making it his favorite.  He also felt this grip promoted a flat left wrist and square contact.


More than any other aspect of the game, putting allows for a wide range of strategies.  Part of that is finding a grip and grip style that work for you.  Garsen grips appeal to that sense of individuality with a line of grips that are unlike the options you get from other makers.  If you’re looking to hit refresh on your putting, check out their unique options."