MyGolfSpy Forum Testers Review on Garsen Ultimate Putter Grip

Our four testers had handicaps ranging from 5.2 to 37.6. Some had “putting” listed as a strength and others as a weakness. Here are their initial impressions of the Garsen Ultimate putting grip.

From tester Revkev:

“I found the Ultimate grip “stiffer” than I expected. It reminded me of a leather midsized grip that I had on a prior gamer. That’s not necessarily bad, just different from what I’ve been accustomed to the past five or six years” 

Tester Scooterhd2:

“The grip has a consistent tackiness and softness in the hand that is quite pleasing. What immediately stood out to me is that the Ultimate is very light at just 55 grams. That is not much different than a regular iron grip and quite different from most of the putter grips I’ve used in the past that have been in the 70-85 gram range. Still, my first thoughts when holding the Ultimate were that we need to get this on a club ASAP” 

Our testers then shared how these grips performed on the course and in practice.

Tester Golfinnut found the Garsen Ultimate putter grip helped with his lag-putting from a variety of distances. 

“I have only had one 3-putt with it since it’s been installed. That speaks volumes to me. That has been my downfall in my putting stats, throwing away strokes needlessly. Any time I can get my distance control right, I have a better chance of scoring well.” 

Tester Mr. Mushball:

“The ULTIMATE also has a seam in the back that lines up with the center of the flat front thumb pad.  This helped me to envision my face alignment with my hands so I wasn’t fooled into the optical illusion of being aimed inside. I would however like it to be just a smidge thicker. I think it would keep me from inadvertently twisting more, so minus a  point. Maybe I’ll try and add more tape.” 

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