Golf Unfiltered: Garsen MAX Putter Grip Review

"Putter grips are a very personal thing for golfers. The Garsen Golf MAX putter grip offers a unique design to promote perfect hand placement on your putter, making arguable the most important club in your bag perform better.

I consider putting my strong suit in my golf game, so I was apprehensive to try a different grip. However, after spending some time practicing with the Garsen Golf MAX, I may have found a new favorite.


Right off the bat the most noticeable element of the Garsen MAX is how it aligns on the putter shaft. A spine runs up the front middle of the grip, making it appear “sideways” in comparison to a traditional grip.

Garsen Golf bills this approach as “Innovation, with a Twist” and you can totally see why. By using a square grip with a 45 percent rotation, the “front” of the grip now becomes an angled area perfectly fitting the players’ grip and creating a much more biomechanically efficient position for the putting stroke. According to the brand, this simple, yet highly effective, grip innovation is the fastest way to immediately improve your putting.

The biggest draw for me to the Garsen MAX is where I naturally place my hands on a traditional grip: with my palms facing each other as much as possible. I don’t like to have one palm rotated on the grip more than the other, and with my reverse interlock grip, I love to feel my hands moving as one solid unit.

The Garsen MAX is designed to all but eliminate your hands from the putting stroke thanks to the grip’s design."

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