Garsen Max Study by Dr. Tyler Standifird, PhD

Putting Survey: 

A survey of 135 golfers asking questions related to putting grips. 60% of those in the survey had a handicap that was below 10. 

  • Almost 90% reported that the grip on a putter does make a difference.
  • Over 95% stated that the feel of the putter was the most important feature of the putter grip.

The Results:

  • The Garsen condition on the longer putt, led to an average distance that was 7 inches closer to the hole compared to the standard grip.
  • The Garsen grip was reported as having better feel in the putting stroke. On a scale of -5 to +5. Zero being the same feel as the standard grip, -5 being worse than the standard and +5 being better than standard. The Garsen measured +2.4 points better for feel compared to the standard.


  • The main summary is that the Garsen Max grip led to more improvements than the standard grip. This was in both some of the raw values and also in the consistency of the values. It was interesting to see improvements in both subjective measurements and also the objective measurements. This was accomplished after only 3 to 5 minutes of practice with this novel grip.

Read the full study here.