Garsen Brand Story by The Hackers Paradise

"When you think of putter grips, there are brands that pop into your head, visions of products and even quite a bit of advertising. Yet some golfers have never really tried an alternative to what comes standard on their putter. While Garsen Golf Grips continues to grow both at the highest level, and in the minds of consumers, there are millions that still don’t know the name, but should.

In what might be the most fascinating backstory in a THP Brand Story to date, the history behind Garsen Golf Grips, and more importantly Bernerd Garsen, is straight out of a Hollywood script.

Bernerd Garsen grew up in California playing golf with his father. He had a passion for it, that despite the twists and turns of his career, never wavered. As he became an adult, his path took him towards modeling and it went global. Hired by international fashion and lifestyle brands throughout Europe, Garsen found himself traveling between Germany, France, Greece and South Africa, while making his residence in Barcelona, Spain. This lasted for over a decade and the brands are a who’s who of products that you probably saw throughout the time period. From BMW Motorcycles to Giorgio Armani and everything in between, the tenure was successful."

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