Driving Range Heroes: QUAD TOUR Review

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"Garsen Quad Tour Putter Grip

The Garsen Quad Tour Proto putter grip is designed to remove tension from your putting stroke and quiet down your hands.  Though not a new concept for Garsen, they utilized a different shape with a more traditional hand placement to accomplish that goal.  With a wide range of preferences from golfers, Garsen offers this grip both in a tapered and non-tapered design.

The Looks

The first thing that jumps out is the Garsen Quad Tour Proto’s “barber pole” look.  Admittedly, it’s fairly loud, but isn’t out of step with the rest of the putter grip industry.  However, if the blue and red isn’t for you, I’ve been able to find this grip in all black on the internet.

Your next reaction to the Quad Tour Proto grip might be, “hmm, that’s a funny shape.”  It is!  I’ll cover that shape in more detail as we move on in this review, but it’s a very defined and noticeable trapezoid.

On-Course Performance

The main goal of the Garsen Quad Tour Proto is quiet down your putting stroke for more consistent rolls.  With the trapezoid shape, the Quad Tour Proto brings your elbows into your body and your shoulders back using a more traditional hand placement.  I will tell you that this effect is much more noticeable in the G-Pro Max, but the Quad Tour Proto does make a difference in your elbow and shoulder positions.  My opinion is that this effect will have different results for different players, but for me, I get a much better tempo.  Better tempo leads to a smoother roll and more consistency.  So what does that mean?  Theoretically, more holed putts."