Driving Range Heroes - Max Tour Review

"Some years ago, Garsen Golf introduced an interesting putter grip concept with their Max putter grip. The idea is that the grip’s teardrop shape, with the “angled point” in the front, puts your arms in a more natural position from your hands through your shoulders. Doing so allows you to make a smoother, better putting stroke. The new Garsen Max Tour grip is the same as the original Max grip, but features a semi-tacky material with a smooth texture. Additionally, Garsen is offering the Max Tour in both standard length and a longer 15″ option.

The unique shape of the Garsen Max Tour makes it easy to index the putter consistently. Garsen’s teardrop shape forces the palms of your hands to face each other while putting your wrists in a neutral position, which aligns your arms and shoulders in such a way to relieve tension. In theory, this should help make a quieter and smoother putting stroke.

Obviously the new texture of the Max Tour is noteworthy as that’s the big difference from the original. The material is somewhat supple (I love getting to use that word) and moderately tacky. It’s nowhere near sticky, but creates good traction for such a smooth surface. Whether you grip the putter lightly, or squeeze the living daylights out of it, the Max Tour will accommodate both just fine.

Of course, as I’ve mentioned, the shape is unique and will likely take some adjusting to if you haven’t used a Garsen Max before.


Final Thoughts: 

Players looking to quiet down their putting stroke will be a good match for the Garsen Max Tour grip. I really appreciated the consistency the Max design creates in gripping the putter which goes a long way for my my putting confidence. The fewer things I have to worry about over a three to seven foot putt, the better! With the new semi-tacky finish, I also find the Max Tour to be more comfortable in my hands and enjoyable to putt with. Don’t forget, if you like and/or need a longer putter grip, the Max Tour is available in a longer 15″ length as well."