Driving Range Heroes: MAX Grip Review

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The Garsen G-Pro Max putter grip features an innovative design that puts your arms in a more natural position from your hands to your shoulders.  With this design and  larger profile, the Garsen G-Pro Max putter grip aims to make you a consistent putter with more control of your swing.

The Looks & Design

It’s hard to really get the idea across in pictures, but the Garsen G-Pro Max putter has more of a teardrop-shaped profile to it.  In the picture above, the black and blue grip is shown with the “point of the teardrop” facing upwards.  Additionally, the G-Pro Max comes in simple alternating colors like black and blue or black and white.

So back to that teardrop design.  This design isn’t just to give the Garsen G-Pro Max a different feel from most oversized grips.  With the “jumbo” size, and the unqiue shape, the G-Pro Max forces your hands into a position where your palms are essentially facing each other.  This grip then puts your wrists into a neutral position that helps turn your elbows in and set your shoulders back.  So what’s the point of that?  The idea is that the G-Pro Max removes tension from your arms and shoulders as well as takes your hands completely out of the stroke.  By doing so, the G-Pro Max is supposed to give you a putting stroke solely based on shoulder rotation.  We’ll discuss how well the G-Pro Max accomplishes this later.


There are really two areas to discuss in regards to the Garsen G-Pro Max’s feel.  First is the unique shape in your hands.  At first grip, there’s a very natural feel and the grip makes the putter easy to index.  This goes a long way in making sure you grip the putter the same every time.

Next is the actual putting act with the G-Pro Max.  A common criticism of oversize putter grips is that they can lack some feel and response.  I did have a bit of an issue here.  I actually use a moderately oversize putter grip on my gamer, but I had a difficult time adjusting to the feel of the G-Pro Max.  While the G-Pro Max feels very natural in the hands, there is a slight lack of ball response at impact.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that you can’t feel the ball at all.  What it basically comes down to is if you’re more of a “feel putter” or “a rhythm and path” putter.  If you’re the latter, the slight lack of response will not bother you at all.

On-Course Performance

In terms of the intended design, hats off, the Garsen G-Pro Max really delivers.  It’s very interesting, if you really pay attention, how much of a difference the intended “palm-to-palm” grip makes.  Using the G-Pro Max on a Scott Readman Concepts SWC putter, I found it easy to make a quiet, smooth, and consistent stroke.  Even more importantly, for me, was that I gripped the putter the same every time.  All I had to do was focus on how big or small of a stroke to make.  If you want to make a quiet and smooth, not-handsy shoulder-based stroke, the G-Pro Max will deliver.