Craig Foster Reviews Garsen Golf

"The Garsen putter grip is the most comfortable and functional putter grip I have found, and it took no time at all to adjust to its feel. The non-taper design makes the grip feel balanced in both hands, and does not require different pressure zones in my hands to feel stability in my grip. The flat top section found on traditional putter grips naturally places both thumbs on top of the grip. This is a vulnerable position because the hands have a wide range of motion clockwise and counter-clockwise.

The Garsen grip has a ridge in the center section rather than a flat area. The ridge naturally encourages the lead hand, for right handed players, to supinate in a counter-clockwise direction, and the trail hand to pronate, which is a clockwise rotation. The wrists and forearms become more stable and resistant to independent motion when gripping the putter in this manner. This type of gripping technique has been used by some of the best putters in golf history.

Garsen grips are popular among tour players, and can work with many of the popular styles of putting stroke. The Garsen grip is especially well suited for use the DynAlign dynamic soft end-range alignment technique because this technique features a supinated lead wrist configuration for increased grip stability.

The grip is also well suited for use with Axis1 putters, which have the center of gravity in the center of the striking face. The sensation of the center of gravity travels directly up the center of the shaft and in line with the raised section of the putter grip. This allows a balanced feel in both hands, which can be helpful for a golfer to make a smooth putting stroke.

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